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5 Tested YouTube Tactics for Social Media Marketing
09 March 2019

5 Tested YouTube Tactics for Social Media Marketing


In general terms, Social Media combinedly provides information about all social activities at a single platform. But, for marketers and business providers, social media is a means of traffic gaining from various directions.

Generally, we hear Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. as immense social media channels and then we hear about YouTube. But surprisingly, YouTube is ranked second in the list of Highest Active Monthly Users after Facebook. YouTube has 1.9 Million Monthly Active Users. That data makes YouTube the best video marketing platform to promote your brand or website on the web.

The easy-to-use User Interphase of YouTube makes approximately 85% of adults a regular YouTube user. A subscriber on YouTube is more important than a follower on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  The reason is that reaching every Facebook and Twitter follower is hard as many a time they miss the posts or tweets. But, those who subscribe to your YouTube channel, will watch every new video you create and upload.


Below, we are sharing various kinds of videos that you can upload to boost your credibility and make your marketing messages even stronger.


  1. Introduction Videos

Introduction or trailer videos are very important if you are targeting new subscribers and introducing your product and services. The trailer video should contain the following –

  • Your name and qualification
  • Name of your business
  • The benefits of your business
  • An engaging call to action


  1. Videos on FAQs

FAQ videos are proven to be very effective in YouTube Marketing. It’s quite simple. Customers have questions and they demand answers. You can simply set suitable answers for their queries and publish them in video form.

When the customers find the solutions for their query, you are able to build a good relationship with your customers and get the reputation as a resource for the knowledge they are after.


  1. Complete Statistics Videos

To maintain trust in your audience the best way is to show them the stats of your business. This will help your business to look more dependable and systematized.

When you show the data from your market research, it makes the audience believe that you are up to date with the current trends in the market. It gives more views and shares to your videos and thus higher traffic that ultimately results as more profits for your business.


‘How to…’ Videos

Most frequently people search the web for phrases starting from ‘How to…’ which let us know that a big block of the audience is interested in learning things online. A majority of people love to watch videos on How to use a product rather reading about it.

‘How to” searches are incredibly popular. 91% of smartphone users use YouTube as a medium to complete their task whether it’s about using a product, cooking, daily life hacks, using various apps, making animations, or accomplishing  research.


Video Testimonials

Testimonials are basically feedback from users that are a testimony of their product or service usage. Video testimonials have been used for ages by top marketers. When people watch positive reviews from those who have used your product or services and are satisfied, they will surely buy your products.

The testimonials must be very simple & natural and not sound like it’s a preplanned script.

You can easily choose the most suitable tactic and start making videos to get more traffic and subscribers.


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