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6 Proven Reasons Why You can’t ignore YouTube in Digital Marketing
09 March 2019

6 Proven Reasons Why You can’t ignore YouTube in Digital Marketing


YouTube has grown from just a video streaming site to the second most visited online platform on the web. Being a marketer, it can be the biggest reason to use YouTube as a digital marketing place.

If you are still unsure about using YouTube as a marketing medium, checkout these shocking YouTube stats-

  • There are 1.5 Billion regular monthly YouTube users
  • YouTube Ranked 2nd among all online search engines
  • 51% of U.S Marketers advertise on YouTube
  • 400 Hours of new video is uploaded every minute
  • YouTube has 5000 Channels with over 1 Million subscribers
  • 95% 13-20 years old’s use YouTube regularly
  • 1 Hour is average daily view time for YouTube users


Keeping these stats in mind, let’s discuss some more interesting reasons that highlight the importance of YouTube in digital marketing.


#1 Reputation & Authority

By providing product solutions and support via video on YouTube, you will be able to gain their trust. Afterall, trust is what you need to promote your product or brand. The best way to gain reputation is to upload videos solving your audiences’ query and doubts and then market your services.


#2 Second Largest Search Engine

YouTube originally evolved as a clip site, then it developed as a social media platform and now it’s the second largest search engine on this planet. For a marketer like you, it’s a great opportunity to market through YouTube and get into the search listings and grab more customers. Ultimately, you can get higher search rankings that boost chances of your product or service discoverability.


#3 Engagement

It’s a fact that videos hold greater engagement capabilities than any form of communication. Understanding any information becomes easy when provided in the form of video. And it’s no surprise that people love watching videos. In order to connect with your audience directly, YouTube videos are the best idea.


#4 Trackable

Along with getting higher engagement, YouTube also provides an amazing analytics platform that helps you in tracking the behavior of your audience. You can easily understand how your audience is connected to your video content and most importantly, you will get to know about the hits the videos get without using any third-party marketing tools.


#5 Easy to Embed

Have you ever thought why YouTube videos go viral? Because these videos easily get embedded to be shared on various social platforms. So, it becomes easy for you to share the videos anywhere you like.


#6 Cost-Effective

Several marketing methods of advertising and marketing also have a high cost. But marketing your content via YouTube is quite easy and cost-effective. It saves your money which you might have invested in other platforms like billboards, print ads, commercials and various other tools that give higher returns as well.


So, by analyzing the above points you can gain valuable insights into the importance of YouTube in Digital marketing. So, it’s time to utilize YouTube as a marketing channel and acquire authority, trust and market reach.



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